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Circular economy actor

For 20 years, we have been mobilised in a voluntary approach in favour of the circular economy within the beef industry. We are resolutely committed with our partners for a better valorisation of bovine by-products. We develop a range of ingredients for the human food, feed, pet food, lipochemistry and soil fertilisation sectors.
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CORNILLE is firmly committed to the notion of circularity. Our products become the raw materials for our industry clients, who use these ingredients in the agri-food industry.
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Fully integrated in a circular economy logic, CORNILLE's products use to as raw materials for our industrial clients who use these ingredients in feed.
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Pet food

Fully integrated in a circular economy logic, CORNILLE's products use to as raw materials for our industrial clients who use these ingredients in pet nutrition.
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Beef fat is an alternative to palm stearin vegetable fat. This product’s natural composition makes it an ideal ingredient for the production of cosmetics or oleo-chemical preparations in the food and chemical industries (hygiene, cleaning products, detergents, rubber plastic, paint coatings, etc.).
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Soil fertilisation

Fully integrated in a circular economy logic that respects the environment, CORNILLE's products are organic ingredients suitable for the formulation of fertilisers for crop needs.



Circular economy


of beef by-products valued per year

Energy recovery


of the site’s energy comes from the environment and energy branch

Origine France Garantie®


company using only beef-based raw materials to be awarded the label

Our CSR approach


employee well-being, customer satisfaction and respect for the environment

*Only 4% of companies obtained this score

CORNILLE provides the ingredients for success thanks to 20 years of experience

CORNILLE is a production unit of the SVA* group and the BIGARD group.

We offer quality ingredients for the following industries:

  • food
  • feed
  • pet food
  • lipochemistry
  • soil fertilisation
  • biofuel

CORNILLE valorizes up to 29% of its raw materials in the production of food ingredients for human consumption.

Our ingredients have been granted the Origine France Garantie® label by the organization AFNOR Certification.
Located just under 20 miles away from the city of Rennes, CORNILLE is part of the association Produit en Bretagne (Produced in Brittany), who aim to promote the region of Brittany.

*SVA Jean Rozé belongs to the beef sector of the Groupement Des Mousquetaires.

Ethics – Environment – Renewable resources

Environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained in our profession of valorisation and each and every team member is engaged in corporate ethics and is committed to the cause.

We uphold a strong CSR policy, founded on our “Producteurs Responsables” (Responsible Producers) commitment with an innovative circular-economy approach : our raw materials are collected in France and value is added sustainably, using local distribution networks and a continuous ecological process, always within an industrial ecology framework.

70% of our energy needs are provided by the company SAVE, an Agromousquetaires thermal treatment unit which produces steam using biomass provided by Agromousquetaires and other local meat producers.