PROBEEF® – Health innovation – Business France gold medal and F.I.E. FINALIST

Publié le 21 février 2024

CORNILLE Sas, expert dans la transformation des co-produits d’origine Bovine, s’est distingué avec son produit PROBEEF ®during the Food Ingredients Europe fair in Franckfurt 

1st distinction with Business France, PROBEEF® won the price for the category « health ingredient with a positiv impact on dietary transition ». Above the nutritional quality fo the protein, the price also considered the food upcylcing model and the low-carbon foot print production process of CORNILLE Sas.

2nd distinction in the innovation contest of FIE. CORNILLE Sas was in the 3 finalists short-list for Health innovation awards – among the 11 contenders from all over Europe.

CORNILLE Sas team are proud of these achievements and recognitions for the beef sector and the food upcycling industry. Such sucess reward the industrial choices made started in 2011 and the will to create value.

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