Our CSR approach


Faced with the challenges of global warming and the energy transition, we are acting, together with the companies of our circular eco-system, for a decarbonized world. We generate an economy of primary, agriculture and energy resources :

  • We use renewable resources collected in France and recover 100% of them in biosourced products.
  • We produce biosourced proteins and fats with a much lower carbon footprint than imported vegetable proteins and oils (soy, palm oil).
  • We optimize our energy and water consumption and permanently reduce our environmental impact. For example, we use decarbonated steam derived from the energy recovery of our waste.

For 70% of our heat requirements, as a substitute for fossil fuels, we use the decarbonated steam produced by SAVE and the majority of our trucks collecting raw material already run on biofuel produced by ESTENER.

PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT : HIgh-performance scores serving our customer’s carbon footprint reduction strategy

In 2022, we carried out a life cycle analysis on all our products. Thanks to our model and the continuous improvement of our carbon impact, we have achieved very high-performance LCA scores, allowing us to support our customers in their own low-carbon strategy.

what about tomorrow ?

Our action plan for the coming years : An increasingly biosourced and carbon-free industry
to reduce the impact on the environment, combat global warming and preserve fossil resources.

Ever-increasing commitment at R&D level to meet the challenges of food shortage and sovereignty.

Through the studies we are conducting with the INRAE (Food Institute) and the LEMPA in particular, we are seeking to use our ingredients to provide solutions to combat malnutrition and undernutrition, and to replace palm oils.